Finding the Art [Republic] in Fashion

Finding the Art [Republic] in Fashion

In recent years more and more platforms have been given to fashion designers to showcase their designs in spaces where Art is traditionally displayed. Now, more Museums are giving Fashion the same opportunity and consideration as they do with Art. However, is there a thin line between what and how Fashion is considered Art? Who dictates and curates the pieces to be displayed? How do we parallel these two worlds of Fashion and Art to become one in the eyes of creativity?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City held one of the most sought up art displays of fashion in our time. The Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibition was visited by thousands of international Art seekers at The Met. In 2012, the exhibition showed at the London Victoria & Albert Museum in the UK. This was a highly anticipated moment in the fashion industry to see one of the most respected Fashion Designers take a firm place next to renowned artists such as painter Claude Monet.

Like many of Monet’s paintings, Fashion has the ability to transport you to an unfamiliar space. Fashion can serve as a booklet for different cultures, times in history and tell a story about different societies and how they have evolved over time. The opportunity Fashion Designers give us to experience Art in a form that we can wear, touch and make us feel their creativity is incomparable.

Most Art comes from a creative mind, an inspiration, a nostalgic feeling conveyed into a white canvas. Like artist, Architects in their many designs of work have been called out as creative masterminds in the world of Art. World recognized Fashion Designer Coco Chanel explained the importance of how the worlds are in synched when she said: “Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportion”. So if Architecture, a process that begins by drawing out the plans on a piece of paper is considered a form of Art, should Fashion Designers be giving the same recognition?

Fashion is more than just an original paper sketch of a dress. It goes on beyond what the naked eye sees on television or a magazine. The complexity to create a runway show or a beautiful image to depict the designer’s concept or idea starts way before the model hits the runway or the camera starts shooting. A make-up artist and a hair dresser have keen eyes to bring a curators work to life. A stylist must be able to confidently place jewelry and accessories on a model in order to compliment the designer’s garments. A creative director must have the ability to understand the designers needs and passion for their line and execute a show while bringing everyone’s ideas together.

Now in 2016 a new system was created, a system to build a platform to bring Art, Fashion and many other creative forms of artistic beauty accessible to the innovatively hungry of the world; Introducing Art Republic. In its inaugural year Art Republic showcased 15 internationally renowned Artist during a 4 day period. Single-handedly bringing everything from dance and visual arts, to music and exquisite culinary delicacies, Art Republic synchronized the purpose of Art in its many forms.

Collaborating with Fashion Designers Sylmarie Rivera Ruiz and Pola Orellana, Art Republic showcased the designs of Eco-friendly and sustainable luxury brand Luxuryia. A brand who’s heart is rooted in moral to be mindful and conscientious of where and how your clothes are made. The idea that a woman can feel beautiful, lustful and still be mindful of how contributing to the well-being of mother earth is not only a necessity but our job. Luxuryia’s innovative understanding that this world is a piece of Art itself calibrates into the main concept of Art Republic. Art has no name, Art has no rules, let’s view Art with the beauty it deserves.

 Written by: Julio Cesar Gomez     

 Published: December 26,2016

 Photographer: Michelle Calloway

Julio Gomez