Fashion Week: A new perspective

Fashion Week: A new perspective


I was recently on a plane on my way to New York City to meet with designers and PR teams to discuss the production of a couple of the Fashion Shows showcasing during New York Fashion Week. While on the plane I met this older woman whom I began a friendly conversation with (I can’t help myself, I will literally talk to a wall if I’m alone). During the exchange of words I noticed small details about her appearance, David Yurman jewelry, Louis Vuitton bags and yes,  I also noticed she was wearing one of Donatella Versace’s spring collection dresses.

 After the plane took off and about 3 scotch glasses later we finally talked about our occupations. She began to explain to me how she had been in the fashion industry for years, immediately my interest towards this fascinating very luxurious woman increased. She continued to elaborate that working under the direction of the CFDA (Counsel of Fashion Designers of America) she helped develop and nurture new and rising American designers for over 20 years. I began asking many questions about her experiences in the High Fashion industry and within those questions I had to ask … “Why did you leave your job?”

Her answer was simple, to the point and what I was least expecting… she took a pause and said “The industry has become a big money making circus, no one actually cares about the Designers anymore”. For the first time in a long time I really started to think about the reasoning behind my fascination of this multi-billion driven industry. She advised how she attends Fashion Weeks ensures that she congratulates the designers on their collections personally, it gives her a sense of meaning after attending the shows.

As fashion week is quickly approaching in a couple of weeks I can’t help but to ponder on this new appreciation and outlook I have of this industry. I’ve always wanted a career where I had a meaning of fulfillment when I went home at nights. The shows aren’t about the celebrities that attend, they are not about what press or media who are there, and it’s not about what models are wearing what. The true meaning of a fashion show is to experience a form of art. A form of Art from which designers have delicately work on for six long months. The sweat they drip, the time they spend sketching, the many fittings they have to sit through. For once, I came back to the real reason I went into this industry, to develop someone’s idea and turn it into their dreams.

Without question this Fashion Week season will be very different than others. Under amazing guidance my search for remarkable designers continues. After scouting models for years it’s time to focus on the foundation and core of the people that really make this industry come alive.


Written by: Julio Cesar Gomez

Published: September 15, 2015

Image: Getty Images

Julio Gomez